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All WAEA memberships include an electronic subscription to The Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics (JARE). Print versions of the journal are available as part of membership for an extra fee. Please note, in order to guarantee all issues of JARE for the upcoming year, payment must be received no later than December 1 (ex: renew your dues before December 1, 2019 to obtain JARE 2020 issues).

2020 WAEA Membership Form - Online

2020 WAEA Membership Form - PDF

Types of WAEA Membership

Regular: $40
Regular (print JARE Domestic): $55
Regular (print JARE International): $75

Student: $5
Student (print JARE Domestic): $25
Student (print JARE International): $40

Senior*: $30
Senior* (print JARE Domestic): $45
Senior* (print JARE International): $60

Family (one set of print JARE Domestic): $80
Family (one set of print JARE International): $110

*Retired full-time from their full-time job

Last updated: October 31, 2019

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