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All WAEA memberships include an electronic subscription to The Journal of Agricultural & Resource Economics (JARE). Print versions of the journal are available as part of membership for an extra fee.

2019 WAEA Membership Form - Online

2019 WAEA Membership Form - PDF

Types of WAEA Membership

Regular: $40
Regular (print JARE Domestic): $55
Regular (print JARE International): $75

Student: $5
Student (print JARE Domestic): $25
Student (print JARE International): $40

Senior*: $30
Senior* (print JARE Domestic): $45
Senior* (print JARE International): $60

Family (one set of print JARE Domestic): $80
Family (one set of print JARE International): $110

*Retired full-time from their full-time job

Last updated: November 1, 2018

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