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Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Volume 44, Issue 3, September 2019
WAEA Presidential Address Christopher T. Bastian
Revenue-Neutral Pollution Taxes in the Presence of a Renewable Fuel Standard Tristan D. Skolrud and Gregmar I. Galinato
The Cost of Forest Preservation on the Brazilian Amazon: The "Arc of Deforestation" Felipe de Figueiredo Silva, Lilyan E. Fulginiti, and Richard K. Perrin
The Impact of Input and Output Decisions on Agricultural Production Risk Jean-Paul Chavas, Joseph Cooper, and Steven Wallander
The Cost and Market Impacts of Slow-Growth Broilers Jayson L. Lusk, Nathanael M. Thompson, and Shawna L. Weimer
Organic Wheat Prices and Premium Uncertainty: Can Cross Hedging and Forecasting Play a Role? Tatiana Drugova, Veronica F. Pozo, Kynda R. Curtis, and T. Randall Fortenbery
Practical Alternatives for Forecasting Corn and Soybean Basis in the Eastern Corn Belt throughout the Crop-Marketing Year Nathanael M. Thompson, Aaron J. Edwards, James R. Mintert, and Christopher A. Hurt
The Changing Role of USDA Inventory Reports in Livestock Markets Berna Karali, Olga Isengildina-Massa, and Scott H. Irwin
Benefits, Challenges and Trade-Offs: Buyer and Contract Characteristics Valued by Small Farm Suppliers to Wholesale Marketing Channels Michael Barrowclough, Kathryn A. Boys, and Carlos Carpio
Macroeconomics Impacts of U.S. Farm and Nutrition Programs Jeffrey J. Reimer and Senal Weerasooriya
Phytosanitary Regulation on Washington Apple Producers under an Apple Maggot Quarantine Program Yeon A Hong, R. Karina Gallardo, Xiaoli Fan, Shadi Atallah, and Miguel I. Gómez
JARE Editors' Report  
2019 Award Winners  


Volume 44, Number 2, May 2019
How High the Hedge: Relationships between Prices and Yields in the Federal Crop Insurance Program A. Ford Ramsey, Barry K. Goodwin, and Sujit K. Ghosh
Animal Welfare, Ideology, and Political Labels: Evidence from California’s Proposition 2 and Massachusetts’ Question 3 John Bovay and Daniel A. Sumner
Trade and Investment Liberalization in the Processed Food Market under CETA Jeff Luckstead and Stephen Devadoss
Impacts of Chinese Tariff on World Soybean Markets Ethan Sabala and Stephen Devadoss
To Scan or Not to Scan: That Is the Question of Consumer Behavior and QR Codes on Food Packages Tongzhe Li and Kent D. Messer
Competition in Local Food Markets Cristina Connolly and H. Allen Klaiber
Is There a “Cage-Free” Lunch in U.S. Egg Production? Public Views of Laying Hen Housing Attributes Daniel Ochs, Christopher A. Wolf, Nicole J. Widmar, and Courtney Bir
Farmers’ Choice of Credit among the Farm Credit System, Commercial Banks, and Nontraditional Lenders Brady E. Brewer, Jason S. Bergtold, Allen M. Featherstone, and Christine A. Wilson
Effects of Farmers’ Yield Risk Perceptions on Conservation Practice Adoption in Kansas Steven M. Ramsey, Jason S. Bergtold, Elizabeth Canales, and Jeffery R. Williams
Soil Conservation Practices Adoption in the Northern Great Plains: Economic versus Stewardship Motivations Tong Wang, Hailong Jin, Bishal B. Kasu, Jeffrey Jacquet, and Sandeep Kumar
The ISO-14001 Standard and Firms’ Environmental Performance: Evidence from the U.S. Transportation
Equipment Manufacturers
Mehdi Nemati, Yuqing Zheng, and Wuyang Hu
The Effect of Forced Choice with Constant Choice Experiment Complexity Jerrod M. Penn, Wuyang Hu, and Linda J. Cox


Volume 44, Number 1, January 2019
Innovation of Agricultural Biotechnology with Experimental Use Licensing Jeremy Jackson and Jason Smith
The Influence of Genetic Modification Technologies on U.S. and EU Crop Yields Gary W. Brester, Joseph Atwood, Myles J. Watts, and Anita Kawalski
The Bright Side of the Generalized System of (Trade) Preferences: Lessons from Agricultural Trade Anupa Sharma, Kathryn Boys, and Jason Grant
The Role of Exchange Rates on Country-Differentiated Demand: The Case of United States Tomatoes Octavio Valdez-Lafarga, Troy G. Schmitz, and Jeffrey E. Englin
Addressing Pre-Commitment Bias with a Generalized EASI Model: An Application to Food Demand in Russia Vardges Hovhannisyan and Aleksan Shanoyan
Eat at Home or Away from Home? The Role of Grocery and Restaurant Food Sales Taxes Yuqing Zheng, Diansheng Dong, Shaheer Burney, and Harry M. Kaiser
A Comparison of Food Demand Estimation from Homescan and Consumer Expenditure Survey Data Tullaya Boonsaeng and Carlos E. Carpio
Excess Competition among Food Hubs Rebecca Cleary, Stephan J. Goetz, Dawn Thilmany McFadden, and Houtian Ge
Beef Producer Alliance Preferences for Vertical Coordination: A Bivariate Nested Panel Probit Approach Ibrahima Sall, Russell Tronstad, and Satheesh Aradhyula
Estimating the Basis Risk of Rainfall Index Insurance for Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Jisang Yu, Monte Vandeveer, Jerry D. Volesky, and Keith Harmoney
Production Externalities and the Gains from Management in a Spatially Explicit Aquifer Dale T. Manning and Jordan F. Suter
Impact of Extension Education on Kansas Producers' 2014 Farm Bill Enrollment Decisions Mykel R. Taylor and Glynn T. Tonsor


Volume 43, Number 3, September 2018
Title Authors
Warm Glow, Good Feelings, and Contingent Valuation Richard C. Bishop
Tobacco Education Program Spending and Tobacco Use among Adolescents Gregmar I. Galinato and Yeon A Hong
Do Regulations to Protect Endangered Species on Private Lands Affect Local Employment? Evidence from the Listing of the Lesser Prairie Chicken Richard T. Melstrom, Kangil Lee, and Jacob P. Byl
“Look at Me, I’m Buying Organic”: The Effects of Social Pressure on Organic Food Purchases Seon-Woong Kim, Jayson L. Lusk, and B. Wade Brorsen
Impacts of Expert Information on Prices for an Experience Good across Product Segments: Tasting Notes and Wine Prices Kuan-Ju Chen and Jill J. McCluskey
Public Opinion on Colorado Water Rights Transfers: Are Policy Preferences Consistent with Concerns over Impacts? Janine Stone, Marco Costanigro, and Christopher Goemans
The Impact of Agri-Environmental Policies and Production Intensification on the Environmental Performance of Dutch Dairy Farms Ioannis Skevas, Xueqin Zhu, Victoria Shestalova, and Grigorios Emvalomatis
Concentration and Liquidity Costs in Emerging Commodity Exchanges Geraldo Costa Jr, Andres Trujillo-Barrera, and Joost M. E. Pennings
Evaluating the USDA’s Net Farm Income Forecast Todd H. Kuethe, Todd Hubbs, and Dwight R. Sanders
Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Behavioral Approach to Organizational Choice in Tajikistan’s Agriculture Malte Müller and Jens Rommel


Volume 43, Number 2, May 2018
Title       Authors
Factors Influencing Corn Fungicide Treatment Decisions Alicia Rosburg and Luisa Menapace
Modeling Joint Dependence of Managed Ecosystems Pests: The Case of the Wheat Stem Sawfly Anton Bekkerman and David K. Weaver
The Impact of Irrigation Restrictions on Cropland Values in Nebraska Jennifer Ifft, Daniel P. Bigelow, and Jeffrey Savage
Discounting Environmental Goods Gareth P. Green and Timothy J. Richards
Value of Arrival Metaphylaxis in U.S. Cattle Industry Elliott J. Dennis, Ted C. Schroeder, David G. Renter, and Dustin L. Pendell
Consumer Valuation of Health Attributes in Food Sinne Smed and Lars Gårn Hansen
Ideology, Electoral Incentives, PAC Contributions, and the Agricultural Act of 2014 Levi A. Russell
Grazing Adoption in Dairy Farming: A Multivariate Sample-Selection Approach Henning Schaak and Oliver Musshoff


Volume 43, Number 1, January 2018
Title Authors
Basic Effects of Failure to Converge B. Karali, K. McNew, and W.N. Thurman
Impacts of Market Fundamentals on Hedging B.K. Coffey, G.T. Tonsor, and T.C. Schroeder
Sweet Sorghum Ethanol in the Great Plains R. Perrin, L. Fulginiti, S. Bairagi, and I. Dweikat
Volatility Transmission in Biofuel, Corn, and Oil Markets S. Saghaian, M. Nemati, C. Walters, and B. Chen
Crop Insurance and Farm Expansion C.B. Burns and D.L. Prager
Missing Data in Agricultural Surveys H. Zhong, W. Hu, and J.M. Penn
Optimal Beef Cow Weights C. Bir, E.A. DeVuyst, M. Rolf, and D. Lalman
PBRs, Patents, and Incentives to Innovate A. Hervouet and C. Langinier


Volume 42, Number 3, September 2017
Title Authors
Table of Contents  
Additionality in Grassland Easements to Provide Migratory Bird Habitat in the Northern Plains Roger Claassen, Jeff Savage, Chuck Loesch, Vince Breneman, Ryan Williams, Bill Mulvaney, and Tammy Fairbanks
Food Access, Food Deserts, and theWomen, Infants, and Children Program Qi Wu, Tina L. Saitone, and Richard J. Sexton
The Role of Income in Explaining the Shift from Preserved to Fresh Vegetable Purchases Peyton M. Ferrier and Chen Zhen
The Trade and Health Effects of Tobacco Regulations Gregmar I. Galinato, Aaron Z. Olanie, and Jonathan K. Yoder
Quality, Sourcing, and Asymmetric Exchange-Rate Pass-Through into U.S. Coffee Imports Sven Anders and Svetlana Fedoseeva
Challenges to Farm Produce Marketing:
A Model of Bargaining between Farmers
and Middlemen under Risk
Ram Ranjan
Managing Catastrophic Risk in Agriculture through Ex Ante Subsidized Insurance or Ex Post Disaster Aid Harun Bulut
Determinants of Effective Beginning Farmer Programming and Implications for Future Programs Becca B.R. Jablonski, Dawn Thilmany McFadden, Martha Sullins, and Kynda R. Curtis
JARE Editors’ Report  


Volume 42, Number 2, May 2017
Title Authors
The Spatial-Dynamic Benefits from Cooperative
Disease Control in a Perennial Crop
Kate Binzen Fuller, James N. Sanchirico, and Julian M. Alston
Weather Derivatives and Water Management in Developing Countries: An Application for an
Irrigation District in Central Mexico
Miriam Juárez-Torres, Leonardo Sánchez-Aragón, and Dmitry Vedenov
Cow Welfare in the U.S. Dairy Industry:
Willingness-to-Pay and Willingness-to-Supply
Christopher A. Wolf and Glynn T. Tonsor
A Method for Evaluating the Economic
Contribution of a Local Food System
Philip Watson, Stephen Cooke, David Kay, Greg Alward, and Alfonso Morales
Valuing Genetically Modified Traits in Canola
Using Real Options
Katherine Wynn, German Spangenberg, Kevin Smith, and William Wilson
The Economic and Environmental Benefits of
Sheath Blight Resistance in Rice
Francis Tsiboe, Lawton Lanier Nalley, Alvaro Durand, Greg Thoma, and
Aaron Shew
Households’ Adoption of Drought Tolerant Plants: An Adaptation to Climate Change? Yubing Fan, Laura McCann, and Hua Qin
Anchoring, Information, and Fragility of Choice Experiments: An Application to Consumer
Willingness to Pay for Rice with Improved
Storage Management
Lianfan Su, Brian D. Adam, Jayson L. Lusk, and Frank Arthur
Emerging Markets for U.S. Pork in China: Experimental Evidence from Mainland and
Hong Kong Consumers
David L. Ortega, Maolong Chen, H. Holly Wang, and Satoru Shimokawa


Volume 42, Number 1, January 2017
Title Authors
Inside Contents  
WAEA Presidential Address B. Wade Brorsen
A Probabilistic Model of the Crop Insurance Purchase Decision Octavio A. Ramirez and J. Scott Shonkwiler
Developing Area-Triggered Whole-Farm Revenue Insurance Lekhnath Chalise, Keith H. Coble, Barry J. Barnett, and J. Corey Miller
New Evidence that Index Traders Did Not Drive Bubbles in Grain Futures Markets Xiaoli L. Etienne, Scott H. Irwin, and Philip Garcia
Tariff Changes and the Margins of Trade:
A Case Study of U.S. Agri-Food Imports
Mina Hejazi, Jason H. Grant, and Everett Peterson
Visitors’ Preferences for Freshwater Amenity Characteristics: Implications from the U.S. Household Survey Ramesh Ghimire, Gary T. Green, Krishna P. Paudel, Neelam C. Poudyal, and H. Ken Cordell
2016WAEA Winning Student Submission:
The Effect of Saskatchewan’s Ownership
Restrictions on Farmland Values
Mandy L. Gabruch and Eric T. Micheels


Volume 41, Number 3, September 2016
Title Authors
Inside Contents  
The Role of Marketing Contracts
in the Adoption of Low-Input Production Practices in the Presence of Income Supports:
An Application in Southwestern France
Aymeric Ricome, Karim Chaïb, Aude Ridier,
Charilaos Képhaliacos, and Françoise Carpy-Goulard
Horizon and Free-Rider Problems
in Cooperative Organizations
Konstantinos Giannakas, Murray Fulton, and Juan Sesmero
Effect of Location Variables on Feeder
Calf Basis at Oklahoma Auctions
Shannon Mallory, Eric A. DeVuyst, Kellie C. Raper, Derrell Peel, and Gant Mourer
Relational Contracts and Product Quality:
The Effect of Bargaining Power
on Efficiency and Distribution
Paula Cordero Salas
Risk Aversion and Preference
for Store Price Format
Koichi Yonezawa and Timothy J. Richards
Market Integration and Price Transmission
in the World Rice Export Markets
Bo Chen and Sayed Saghaian
Calf and Yearling Prices in the Western
United States: Spatial, Quality, and Temporal
Factors in Satellite Video Auctions
Steven C. Blank, Tina L. Saitone, and Richard J. Sexton
Transitioning to Organic Crop Production:
A Dynamic Programming Approach
Timothy A. Delbridge and Robert P. King
The Impact of Agricultural Subsidies
on the Corn Market with Farm Heterogeneity
and Endogenous Entry and Exit
Stephen Devadoss, Mark J. Gibson, and Jeff Luckstead
Putting the Chicken Before the Egg Price:
An Ex Post Analysis of
California’s Battery Cage Ban
Trey Malone and Jayson L. Lusk
U.S. Sweetener Demand Analysis:
A QUAIDS Model Application
Prithviraj Lakkakula, Andrew Schmitz, and David Ripplinger
The Economic Impact of New Technology
Adoption on the U.S. Apple Industry
Nichole L. Busdieker-Jesse, Lia Nogueira, Hayri Onal, and David S. Bullock
Editors’ Report  


Volume 41, Number 2, May 2016
Title Authors
GM Labeling Regulation by Plebiscite: Analysis of Voting on Proposition 37 in California John Bovay and Julian M. Alston
Imperfect Competition, Trade Policies, and Technological Changes in the Orange Juice Market Mahalingam Dhamodharan, Stephen Devadoss, and Jeff Luckstead
Agricultural Commodity Prices and Exchange Rates under Structural Change Patrick L. Hatzenbuehler, Philip C. Abbott, and Kenneth A. Foster
Environmental Performance and Shadow Value of Polluting on Swiss Dairy Farms Phatima Mamardashvili, Grigorios Emvalomatis, and Pierrick Jan
The Effects of Crop Insurance Subsidies and Sodsaver on Land-Use Change Ruiqing Miao, David A. Hennessy, and Hongli Feng
Modeling Field-Level Conservation Tillage Adoption with Aggregate Choice Data TaraWade, Lyubov Kurkalova, and Silvia Secchi
Using Genetic Testing to Improve Fed Cattle Marketing Decisions Nathanael M. Thompson, Eric A. DeVuyst, B. Wade Brorsen, and Jayson L. Lusk
Comparing the Value of Soil Test Information
Using Deterministic and Stochastic Yield Response Plateau Functions
Xavier Harmon, Christopher N. Boyer, Dayton M. Lambert, James A. Larson, and C. Owen Gwathmey
Do Changing Probabilities or Payoffs
in Lottery-Choice Experiments Affect Risk
Preference Outcomes? Evidence from Rural Uganda
Hanna Julia Ihli, Brian Chiputwa, and Oliver Musshoff
Supplementary Material: Experimental Instructions  
Volume 41, Number 1, January 2016
Title Authors
Table of Contents  
You Can’t Drag Them Away: An Economic Analysis of the Wild Horse and Burro Program Vanessa Elizondo, Timothy Fitzgerald, and Randal R. Rucker
Forecasting a Moving Target: The Roles of Quality and Timing for Determining Northern U.S. Wheat Basis Anton Bekkerman, GaryW. Brester, and Mykel Taylor
Quantifying Adoption Intensity for Weed-Resistance Management Practices and Its Determinants among U.S. Soybean, Corn, and Cotton Farmers Fengxia Dong, Paul D. Mitchell, Terrance M. Hurley, and George B. Frisvold
Do Pesticide Sellers Make Farmers Sick? Health, Information, and Adoption of Technology in Bangladesh Shamma Adeeb Alam and Hendrik Wolff
Cotton Producer Awareness and Participation in Cost-Sharing Programs for Precision Nutrient-Management Technology Christopher N. Boyer, Dayton M. Lambert, Margarita Velandia, Burton C. English, Roland K. Roberts, James A. Larson, Sherry L. Larkin, Krishna P. Paudel, and Jeanne M. Reeves
Sequential Adoption and Cost Savings from Precision Agriculture David Schimmelpfennig and Robert Ebel
Consumer Demand for Potato Products and Willingness-to-Pay for Low-Acrylamide, Sulfite-Free Fresh Potatoes and Dices: Evidence from Lab Auctions Katie Lacy and Wallace E. Huffman
U.S. and Mexican Tomatoes: Perceptions and Implications of the Renegotiated Suspension Agreement Serhat Asci, James L. Seale, Jr., Gulcan Onel, and John J. VanSickle
Volume 40, Number 3, September 2015
Title Authors
Economic Organization and the Structure ofWater Transactions Kyle Emerick and Dean Lueck
Agricultural Efficiency and Labor Supply to Common Property Resource Collection: Lessons from Rural Mexico Dale T. Manning and J. Edward Taylor
Impact of NAFTA on U.S. and Mexican Sugar Markets Troy G. Schmitz and Karen E. Lewis
Vertical Price Transmission of Perishable Products: The Case of Fresh Fruits in the Western United States Byeong-il Ahn and Hyunok Lee
The Economics of Spatial Competition
for Corn Stover
Juan P. Sesmero, Joseph V. Balagtas, and Michelle Pratt
Spatial Competition, Arbitrage, and Risk in U.S. Soybeans Kristopher Skadberg, WilliamW. Wilson, Ryan Larsen, and Bruce Dahl
Are the Federal Crop Insurance Subsidies Equitably Distributed? Evidence from a Monte Carlo Simulation Analysis Octavio A. Ramirez, Carlos E. Carpio, and Alba J. Collart
JARE Editors’ Report  
Volume 40, Number 2, May 2015
Title Authors
Table of Contents  
Noisy Information Signals and Endogenous Preferences for Labeled Attributes Jura Liaukonyte, Nadia A. Streletskaya, and Harry M. Kaiser
Revisiting Concentration in Food and Agricultural Supply Chains: TheWelfare Implications of Market Power in a Complementary Input Sector Metin Çakır and James Nolan
Factors Affecting Preconditioned Calf Price Premiums: Does Potential Buyer Competition and Seller Reputation Matter? Lee L. Schulz, Kevin C. Dhuyvetter, and Beth E. Doran
Effects of Alternative Marketing Arrangements on the Spot Market Price Distribution in the U.S. Hog Market Jong-Jin Kim and Xiaoyong Zheng
Direct Marketing and the Structure of Farm Sales:
An Unconditional Quantile Regression Approach
Timothy Park
The Impact of Extreme Weather on Cattle Feeding Profits Eric J. Belasco, Yuanshan Cheng, and Ted C. Schroeder
Accounting forWeather Probabilities in Crop Insurance Rating Roderick M. Rejesus, Keith H. Coble, Mary Frances Miller, Ryan Boyles, Barry K. Goodwin, and Thomas O. Knight
Bundled Adoption of Precision Agriculture
Technologies by Cotton Producers
Dayton M. Lambert, Krishna P. Paudel, and James A. Larson
Volume 40, Number 1, January 2015
Title Authors
Table of Contents  
Errata and Correction  
Optimal Licensing of Agricultural Patents: Fees versus Royalties Di Fang, Timothy J. Richards, and Bradley J. Rickard
On-Farm Reservoir Adoption in the Presence of Spatially Explicit Groundwater Use and Recharge Kent Kovacs, Michael Popp, Kristofor Brye, and Grant West
Welfare Estimates of Avoided Ocean Acidification in the U.S. Mollusk Market Chris Moore
An Economic Analysis of Risk, Management and Agricultural Technology Jean-Paul Chavas and Guanming Shi
The Tangled Web of Agricultural Insurance: Evaluating the Impacts of Government Policy Jason Pearcy and Vincent H. Smith
The Effect of Market Power and Market Trends on Grid Market Signals Scott W. Fausti, Bashir A. Qasmi, Matthew A. Diersen, and Bill Adamson
A Nonparametric Search for Information Effects from USDA Reports Jeffrey H. Dorfman and Berna Karali
Assessing the Impact of SPS Regulations on US Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exports / Jason H. Grant, Everett
Peterson, and Radu Ramniceanu
Imperfect Competition between Florida and São Paulo (Brazil) Orange Juice Producers in the U.S. and European Markets Jeff Luckstead, Stephen Devadoss, and Ron C. Mittelhammer
JARE Editors’ Report  
Past Presidents & Editors  
2014 WAEA Award Winners  
Volume 39, Number 2, August 2014
Title Authors
Table of Contents  
Partial versus General Equilibrium Calorie and Revenue Effects Associated with a Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Senarath Dharmasena, George C. Davis, and Oral Capps, Jr.
Beer Snobs Do Exist: Estimation of Beer Demand by Type Daniel Toro-González, Jill J. McCluskey, and Ron C. Mittelhammer
On the Endogeneity of Retail Markups in an Equilibrium Analysis: A Control-Function Approach Vardges Hovhannisyan, KyleW. Stiegert, and Marin Bozic
The Effects of Consequentiality in Binary- and Multinomial-Choice Surveys

Article Supplement
Matthew G. Interis and Daniel R. Petrolia
Structural Change in Forward Contracting Costs for Kansas Wheat Mykel Taylor, Glynn Tonsor, and Kevin Dhuyvetter
Estimating the Spatially Varying Responses of Corn Yields toWeather Variations using GeographicallyWeighted Panel Regression Ruohong Cai, Danlin Yu, and Michael Oppenheimer
Exploiting the Relationship between Farm-Level Yields and County-Level Yields for Applied Analysis Scott Gerlt,Wyatt Thompson, and Douglas J. Miller
Optimal Control for a Dispersing Biological Agent Morteza Chalak
Corrigendum to “Adoption and Frequency of
Precision Soil Testing in Cotton Production”
Dayton M. Lambert, Burton C. English, David C. Harper, Sherry L. Larkin, James A. Larson, Daniel F. Mooney, Roland K. Roberts, Margarita Velandia, and Jeanne M. Reeves
Volume 39, Number 1, April 2014
Title Authors
Table of Contents  
Wetlands Retention and Optimal Management of Waterfowl Habitat under Climate Change PatrickWithey and G. Cornelis van Kooten
Reference-Dependent Preferences in Gulf of Mexico Shrimpers’ Fishing Effort Decision Tao Ran, Walter R. Keithly, and Chengyan Yue
2013WAEA Keynote Address: Strategies for Overcoming Hypothetical Bias in Stated Preference Surveys John B. Loomis
Association between Total Diet Cost and Diet Quality Is Limited Andrea Carlson, Diansheng Dong, and Mark Lino
Does Agritourism Enhance Farm Profitability? Brian J. Schilling,Witsanu Attavanich, and Yanhong Jin
The Value of USDA Crop Progress and Condition Information: Reactions of Corn and Soybean Futures Markets Georg V. Lehecka
Adoption and Frequency of Precision Soil Testing in Cotton Production Dayton M. Lambert, Burton C. English, David C. Harper, Sherry L. Larkin, James A. Larson, Daniel F. Mooney, Roland K. Roberts, Margarita Velandia, and Jeanne M. Reeves
Reducing Self-Selection Bias in Feeder Cattle Premium Estimates Using Matched Sampling Brian R. Williams, Eric A. DeVuyst, Derrell S. Peel, and Kellie Curry Raper
Value of Genetic Information for
Management and Selection of Feedlot Cattle
Nathanael M. Thompson, Eric A. DeVuyst, B. Wade Brorsen, and Jayson L. Lusk

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