Submission Guidelines


Contributors must use the following guidelines in preparing manuscripts for submission. Please note that the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics only accepts electronic submission submitted in PDF format. Submissions must be made at Questions should be directed to Amy Bekkerman, JARE Publications Editor, at

1. Author Certifications. Authors submitting manuscripts to the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics certify that the material in the manuscript (or modification thereof) has not been published, is not being published, and is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere. Authors also certify that the material in the manuscript, to the best of their knowledge, does not infringe upon other published material protected by copyright. Authors also acknowledge they have read and agree to the policy on data access and estimation procedures outlined below.

2. Data Access and Estimation Procedures. Authors are expected to document their data sources, data transformations, models, and estimation procedures as thoroughly as possible. Authors are also expected to make data available at cost for replication purposes for up to five years from publication.

3. Title Page. In a separate PDF file, provide the title of the manuscript and author(s)’ name(s) centered and in boldface type. At the bottom of the same page, provide professional title(s), institutional affiliation(s), acknowledgments of colleague reviews and assistance, and institutional support as an unnumbered footnote. Please be sure to fully acknowledge any USDA funding source, including grant or project number(s).

4. Abstract. Include an abstract of 100 words or less, followed by up to eight key words (or short phrases) listed in alphabetical order. To ensure anonymity in the review process, authors should not identify themselves on the abstract page or in any headers.

5. Text. Suggested manuscript length is no more than twenty-five (25) text pages (not including reference list, tables, and graphics). All text should be double-spaced, including the abstract, acknowledgments, footnotes, and references. Use a 12-point Times Roman font and allow 1" margins on all sides. Provide short headings for each section and subsection. Do not use right-justified margins or end-of-line hyphenation feature. Do not use line numbering.

6. Style, Grammar, and Punctuation. The Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics uses The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed., by the University of Chicago Press and Webster’s Third New International Dictionary for style, format, and spelling.

7. Footnotes. Use superscript Arabic numbers within the text, numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript. Footnotes should be placed at the bottom of the page. If using Microsoft Word, please use the automatic footnote feature.

8. References/Text Citations. In a reference section immediately following the manuscript text, list all works cited in the text, alphabetized by author last name. Refer to The Chicago Manual of Style for format. For within-text citations (either parenthetical or as part of narrative), spell out up to three author last names; use first author’s name followed by “et al.” for works with four or more authors. Include the publication year with all text citations. When citing a direct quotation, include page number(s) from the author’s work.

9. Figures and Tables. Place each figure and table on a separate page at the end of the manuscript. Whenever possible, preferred (but not required) software for figure generation is Microsoft Excel. Do not place figure title or caption within the figure graphics box.

10. Math/Equations. Consecutively number equations throughout the text. When displaying equations, place equation number within parentheses at flush-left margin; center the equation. Use italic typeface for all variables, and use boldface (no italics) for all vectors and matrices—both within equations and within text.

11. Publication Costs. Authors submitting manuscripts are expected to assume obligation for payment of page charges at publication. Current page charges are $79/printed page for WAEA members and $89/printed page for nonmembers.

12. Submissions. All submissions to the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics must be submitted electronically to the editorial team at the JARE URL: To ensure author anonymity, JARE accepts submission only in PDF format. Author and institutional identifications will be removed from pdf files submissions by the editorial team prior to being sent to reviewers. Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged by e-mail.

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