Western Economics Forum

Volume 17, Issue 1
Spring, 2019

Western Rangelands


Western rangelands: A Tale of Conservation, Grazing, Resource Policy, and Economic Implications
Christopher T. Bastian and Jay Parsons

Assessing Economic and Biological Tradeoffs to Target Conservation Easements in Western Rangelands
Benjamin S. Rashford, Abigail Mellinger Scott, Steven Smutko, and Amy Nagler

Flexible Stocking with Grass-Cast: A New Grassland Productivity Forecast to Translate Climate Outlooks for Ranchers
Dannele Peck, Justin Derner, William Parton, Melannie Hartman, and Brian Fuchs

Understanding Future Threats to Western Rangelands: Modeling the Performance of Grazing Strategies in the Face of Environmental Change
Gregory L. Torell, Katherine D. Lee and Caitriana Steele

Examining the Capacity of Nebraska Rangelands for Cattle Production
Katie Cumming, Jay Parsons, Walter Schacht, and Brian Baskerville

Economic Cost Analysis of Continuous-Season-Long Versus Rotational Grazing Systems
Jessica L. Windh, John P. Ritten, Justin D. Derner, Steven I. Paisley, and Brian P. Lee

Ranch Economics of Prescribed Grazing on Rangelands: The Case of Representative Ranches in Northern Montana
Nicolas Quintana Ashwell, Anna T. Maher, John A. Tanaka, John P. Ritten, Kristie A. Maczko, Holly Dyer, Holly Kirkpatrick, Kendall Roberts, and Thomas Hilken

Implications of Declining Grazing Permits on Public Land: An Integrated Social and Economic Impact Analysis
Paul A. Lewin, J.D. Wulfhorst, Neil R. Rimbey, K. Scott Jensen

Economic Impact of Sage Grouse Management on Livestock Grazing in the Western United States
David T. Taylor, Neil R. Rimbey, and John A. Tanaka


Special Issue Co-Editors:

Christopher T. Bastian, University of Wyoming
Jay Parsons, University of Nebraska-Lincoln



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