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Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 1
Agricultural Water Management

The future of water management in the west
Dana Hoag, David Zilberman, pg. 4

California water: The present and looking to the future
David Zilberman, Ben Gordon, pg. 6

Water currents in New Mexico: A global reach
Frank A. Ward, Brian H. Hurd, Sarah Sayles, pg. 13

The Texas state water plan: History and future
Gregory Torrell, Reid Stevens, pg. 23

Fiscal gridlock over the water budget in Washington state: The politics and economics of pouring exempt wells into the prior appropriations bucket
Jonathan Yoder, pg. 30

Tribal Eater settlements: Economic innovations for addressing water conflicts
Bonnie Colby, Ryan Young, pg. 38

The future of groundwater management in the high plains: evolving institutions, aquifers and regulations
Karina Schoengold, Nicholas Brozović, pg. 47

Sustainable policies that align irrigation and water quality
Dana Hoag, Chris Goemans, Anthony Orlando, pg. 54






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